confession tuesday

Late for the confessional, but here are some things that I want to share:

I just spent the last 2 hours watching a Chinese movie called
Perhaps Love on this site. My friend Mai told me about it and I'm pretty stoked. It's all free! Nevermind that I was squinting on my computer screen to read the subtitles. And I must admit, the main reason why I watched this movie was Takeshi Kaneshiro. Hee. That man is just beautiful. Ever watched The House of Flying Daggers? If not, let me remind you of what he looks like here. But more than his good looks, I think he's such a great actor. In fact, the media often refers to him as Asia's Johnny Depp, and that really says a lot right there.

* * *
I think being around tourists (and there's tons of them in San Francisco at this time of the year) is rather bittersweet. Walking along Union Square today, I saw a group of young girls taking pictures of each other in front of a cable car and I was reminded of my first visit here and how I fell in love with the city. At the same time, I also couldn't help but feel sorry for myself that I'm not travelling anywhere for my summer break. I keep telling myself that I shouldn't be, I live in this gorgeous city, I have all the time in the world to walk around and write but I still felt sad anyway.

* * *
My aunt's love for thrift-shopping is rubbing off of me. Now I go all the time and I love it! I found a complete set of Anne of Green Gables series for $1, new pair of ballet shoes for $1.50, a lovely plaid dress that fits me perfectly for $3, and so much more. But I think the best thing about going to thrift shops is the joy of searching. Its so much fun looking through racks of clothing, browsing books, etc. without having to worry about your budget. Of course, that moment when you find something that you really like is just precious. Here's my favorite find so far:

A vintage Kate Spade for $1.50. I just love, love the pattern.


  1. i love tk, too! i think he's the hottest asian actor.

  2. yup, tk is hotness. and i have a feeling that he is even more beautiful in person.