five things

Are you happy? January asked this question two days ago. I had to pause and think for awhile. This summer is certainly not what I had expected. But for the most part, yes I am happy. Not in a grand, floating-in-the-air way, but more of the quiet kind. The one that comes with a string of small pleasures. The subtle kind. That said, here are 5 things that made me happy lately:

~ Waking up one morning and randomly deciding to drive all the way to Sonoma (2.5 hours from SF). It was great. I got lost a couple of times and ventured off to unknown places. Chocolate and wine tasting, authentic Mexican food, breathtaking colors of sunset over rows and rows of vineyards - definitely magical.

~"Talking" to my niece on the phone. She is now almost 10 months old and is starting to cruise around while holding on to furnitures. They told me that she had the biggest smile on her face while I was talking to her.

~ for the love of light: a tribute to the art of polaroid. Last February, I wrote about how Polaroid is closing its doors on instant film. This book, with contributions from 25 photographers around the world, is a great collection of dreamy Polaroid images and stories. My favorite is the one with those red balloons (pictured above).

~ Reading this piece of wonderful news (thanks Dae!). I didn't know I could love Johnny Depp more, but now I really do. What a touching gesture for Heath Ledger's 2 year-old daughter Matilda.

~ This amazing video (watch from beginning to end, its totally worth it)

I have to admit that I teared up a bit at the part where he was dancing with kids in the Philippines. (Thanks Jo for sharing this in your blog!)

How about you, what made you happy lately?


  1. This is a beautiful post. You have a wonderful poetic way to your prose which is very soothing. Your post made me happy. Presently, the thought of seeing my parents after about 2 years makes me happy. I leave for a 3 months vacation in a week. :-))

  2. spontaneous mini, thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed the post. going home for 3 months vacation?! wow, you're a lucky girl. enjoy the time with your family. i bet you are so excited right now, 2 years is a long time.

  3. I'm so glad it made you happy.....I sat grinning the whole way through too. You're from Cebu right? I visited there when I lived in Hong Kong, we had friends who ran a dive school from a nearby island (whose name now escapes me). Snorkelling there was one of the best experiences of my life, it's a beautiful country.

  4. This post was filled with much happiness ... thanks for sharing. And that video, brilliant!! JP/deb

  5. jo, you've been to cebu?!!! i'm so excited. and yes, its beautiful. words can't even express how much i miss it.

    deb, its good to see you here! thanks for dropping by. i've watched the video a couple of times and it never fails to warm my heart.

  6. Matt's magic, isn't he.

    How nice to have found you out here in the blog world.