confession tuesday

I still can't get over the fact that its September already. Its time to bid summer adieu. Although not quiet yet if you live in San Francisco since our summer just started mid-August. Thank God. I'm squeezing every bit of sunshine that I could get these days.

* * *

I went to a wedding this past weekend and it just dawned on me that Filipino weddings make me nervous. Truly. Here's why:

Aunt #1: Odessa, honey, why don't you come here. I want you to meet someone.
Me: (approaching with my super-bright fake smile) Yes?
Aunt #2: Oh, here she is. Have you met L, my good friend R's son?
Uncle #1: He's a lawyer you know. He works for (insert name of a big law firm in New York here).
Uncle #2: (looks at L) You went to Cornell, right? Yes, he went to Cornell.
Aunt #1: And he has a townhouse in Manhattan.

At this point, I had to restrain myself from bolting out the door. But since I'm such a good girl, I went on with the charade and spent the entire night cringing inwardly. Ugh.

* * *

My paperwork clean-up continues and I found more scribbles and poems-in-progress. This is turn inspired me to start writing a poem. However, after writing the first three lines, the poem absolutely refused to go anywhere. So now I'm stuck with three lines that I love but have no idea what to do with them.

* * *

Please don't laugh but I watched the season premier episode of Gossip Girl last night. *Hides face in shame*. And I was eating a bag of chips while watching it. Oh, just in case your wondering, I am not watching 90210 tonight. Swear.

* * *

How about you, any confessions and guilty pleasures that you want to share? Lemme know.


  1. Eek, the matchmaking relative situation sounds cringeworthy indeed.

    Confessions/guilty pleasures...:

    Korean dramas, occasionally (ridiculously melodramatic plots and super hot stars - what's not to like?). The movie adaptation of Tuck Everlasting, which I actually like better than the book (shameful!). And oyster crackers. Why? I do not know.

  2. cuileann, i love korean dramas too! we used to borrow pirated cds in the philippines (sheeeeeeesh!) and watch them for hours on end. haven't seen tuck everlasting yet, i should add it to my netflix queue.

    thanks for sharing!

  3. Hoy, I'm a Gossip Girl watcher myself and I refuse to be ashamed of it. I rarely watch TV these days anyway so why not make it a guiltless pleasure?! ;)

    Tuck Everlasting (the movie) was magic... the kind you'd hope to experience whilst being ambushed by those pesky matchmakers at a typical Pinoy wedding. Eek! hahaha

  4. Put those three lines away and save them until you find a place for them.

    Happens to me all the time.