i'd rather dance

With the recent Wall Street crisis, I thought we could all use a little inspiration from this lovely song. I also watched an old French movie this weekend called The Young Girls of Rochefort and one of the characters is a ballerina, so now I am loving all things ballet. You must admit, the dance moves in this video are precious!


  1. So cute ! and I did dance on it...

  2. Revenge of the nerds and death to the tyranny of classical dance in one fell swoop! Great stuff - thanks for this.

  3. Hmmm. I had trouble playing the video, as in it's no longer available. But I'll try again later from another computer. Maybe it error is on my end.

    Hope all is well with you!

  4. Oh, that makes me so happy, just watching it. :) Catchy, too.

    That teacher at the beginning reminds me strongly of the teacher in Billy Elliot. (Speaking of which, did you happen to see the BE editorial from last month's Vogue? I can't find a link with all of them, but maybe I'll post 'em on my blog...)

  5. hello 'my castle in spain', welcome and glad you enjoyed it!

    dick, revenge of the nerds indeed. i love that he also made a poster of all the moves, its such a nerdy thing to do :)

    january, hope you do get to watch it. i promise it'll make you smile.

    cuileann, you reminded me. i haven't seen billy elliot but heard lots of wonderful things about it. i'll add it to my netflix queue. and oh, if you find those vouge pics, i'd love to see them on your blog :)

  6. I loved this, thank you!!!