a little note

to the man strumming his guitar on Dolores Street:
a glimpse of you, sitting on the front
steps of a tall Victorian house
while I walk past up, up the hill
thinking, I could turn around and ask you
to marry me, or I could just let you be -

head bent, eyes closed, long fingers
poised on strings, one with your music.


  1. ask
    and your
    heart will thank


    and your
    mind will haunt


    sweet poem, he inspired.

  2. Did you leave him this note? Ahh, he would have sung a tune to tie him to you, as he has you, to him. ;)

    I've missed visiting here (nakaka-miss magsulat at magbasa). My luck to read your writings again. Cheers.

  3. jade, welcome! and thanks for visiting. he certainly did inspire.

    mauigirl and cuileann, thank you!

    s.l., its so good to hear from you! i didn't leave him this note, i'm not that brave. maybe when i walk by his house/apartment next time...we'll see. haha.

  4. Very nice. Love the last two lines.