confession tuesday

Photo by Lisa Barber via {frolic}

Right this moment, I'm wishing for just a little more days where I can sit under the sun and enjoy a picnic with friends. Indian summer, please stay awhile. I'm not ready for autumn yet.

The sudden chill in the air + kids at work getting sick makes me feel a bit under the weather. I'm definitely stacking up on my Vitamin Cs because I tend to get sick during the months of October-December.

These shorter days are forcing me to "go inside" more, literally and figuratively. Its during these months that I get a lot of writing done. Walking amongst the fallen leaves will definitely inspire some introspection.

On the upside, my camera is back from traipsing all over India for two weeks (my cousin borrowed it) and I can't even tell you how happy I am! And um, also a little jealous that my camera got to see the Taj Mahal and I didn't.

Which reminds me, I meant to share that I had a haircut a couple of days ago and it is short. The shortest that I've had since grade school. It was just one of those random things that I decided right after work, I passed by this salon and said "Why not?" It was long overdue. They had cut 6 or 7 inches off and I think I look exactly the same like I did in 5th grade, its surreal. Or maybe I'm just not used to it yet. I'll take pictures of my new hair now that my camera is back and post them later.

How about you, any confessions and new things to share?


  1. A dramatic haircut? What fun!

    And its Indian summer is one of my favorite things about San Francisco...I hope it does linger a while longer, for all of you over there and for me so I can catch some when I come home for mid-semester break!

  2. I'm eager to see that photo. ;) Hindi naman siguro crew cut ha, hehehe.

    I hope for your better health these days and the coming cold months.

    Yay for more writing. ;)

    Confession Tuesday? Hmm. Lemme see. I love Douglas Adams and Stephen Hawking equally. Walang lamangan, hahaha.

  3. Oh I miss the warm sunny days in NYC already. It's so chilly now!

    As for a confession or new news? Hmmm, well I just volunteered to participate in my grad school's open house thingamajiggy even though I freak out at the thought of speaking in front of more than two people. I'm scared this attempt to break out of my shell could go totally wrong!

    Can't wait to see your hair!

  4. cuileann, nothing too dramatic. and its not even that short! i've always had long hair, so anything above the shoulder is short for me.

    s.l., thanks! and um, here's a confession for you: i had to look up who stephen hawking is. hee.

    dorkys, i totally understand. i'm scared of public speaking myself. good luck!

  5. Hi Odessa,
    Wasn't feeling well so I didn't post any confessions. Here to say hello and enjoyed reading your post.