city lights

I took my camera for a walk today and ended up walking from the financial district all the way to North Beach, inside one of my favorite places to be, City Lights Bookstore. They have an entire floor dedicated to poetry! Every time I walk up those stairs towards the poetry room I feel like I'm about to enter a sacred place. I'd come here everyday if I could.

And oh, I almost squealed in delight when I saw a book by Jose Garcia Villa on the table of featured poets. A Filipino author next to Nabokov, Lorca, Robert Haas - how cool is that? It definitely made my day.


  1. I'm doing cartwheels. ;)

    (grin, squeal, grin)

  2. s.l., glad you agree with me! :)

  3. Thats such a lovely store!
    I wish we have something like this (I mean the floor with poetry!) in my city! And great to see that people around the world are fallen in love with poems :)
    Greetings from Germany!

  4. lilienblaueleuchtreklame, thanks for dropping by! and welcome.

    jo, isn't it beautiful? i was really tempted to move that trash bin away when i took the picture. but i left it there because that would be too staged. hehe.