ginger chicken noodle soup and sondre lerche

I've been sick for the past couple of days now. In fact, I spent most of yesterday in bed - sleeping, drinking lots of tea, reading Nick Flynn's heartbreakingly beautiful book (more of this later), browsing my favorite blogs, sleeping more, wishing that I'd get my energy back soon. Being sick is so not fun, especially when you have to work.

I felt a little better today and was inspired to make my mom's chicken soup recipe. This is short of a miracle considering that I seldom cook. But I'm too lazy to walk to the grocery store, so there. The soup actually turned out great which made me think that maybe there's hope for me in the kitchen after all. Or maybe all those Ricola throat drops and Sudafed made my taste buds all whacked. Oh well.

So I've been listening to Sondre Lorche lately. He's Norwegian and he's really good. Ever seen the movie Dan in Real Life? Most All of the songs in the movie are his. Plus, he also toured with Jason Mraz in 2003, so that alone makes him awesome by association. Seriously though, his songs are perfect for those lazy, chilly afternoons when all you want to do is curl under a blanket and dream away.

How about you? Who's on your playlist? I'd love to discover new artists.


  1. Hope you are feeling better. lovely song. I have been listening to robin thicke. I find his voice modulation fascinating. mostly i listen to indian music :-)
    Juts came back from a 3month long India vacation.

  2. spontaneous mini, welcome back! i hope you had a lovely vacation. i've heard of robin thicke, but i'm not familiar with his songs. i think he opened for joshua radin when he had a concert here in SF which unfortunately i wasn't able to go. will have to look him up soon.

  3. Get well soon, Odang! Robin Thicke? He's got a great mellow voice, perfect for R&B.. it's sexy. He just had a hit not too long ago "Lost Without You."

    I'm into Kings of Leon right now (Southern rock) but I'd recommend listening to Yiruma! His "River Flows In You" gives me a strange kind of peace I can't explain. :) Enjoy!

  4. Meiko! I was going to say her anyways, and then I remembered I think she's touring with Jason tooo!

    Also Born Ruffians, and Peter Bjorn and John.

  5. And I hope you're feeling better soon, Odessa!

  6. Lazy, chilly afternoons sound like just what I need. I wonder if we get sick just to force ourselves to do things like reading good books and listening to music we like?

    Glad you like Nick Flynn. What's not to like, right?

    Hope you get better fast.

  7. cool sondre - chicken noodle soup
    and icy coke laced with vanilla
    icecream is an awesome combat
    for colds...corrine bailey is
    my current fav.

  8. hey everyone! thanks for the music suggestions. i actually looked them up on immeem - yes, all of them. just goes to show how much i waste my time away on the internets :)

    chris, "river flows into you" is sooo sweet. i think it'll be my lullaby now.

    cuileann, i love Meiko! i'm bummed that i can't go to her concert this monday. and is it just me or does Born Ruffians sound like The Shins? either way, i like their music.

    jade, Corrinne Bailey Rae was on my official cd rotation. i felt really sad when i learned that her husband died earlier this year. now listening to her songs still makes me sad.

  9. christine, thanks! it think your theory might be right. its the body's way of telling us to slow down and indulge in the simple pleasures.

  10. we could grow up together, welcome! and thanks for sharing my sondre love :)