here we are

The first time I met Jason, he was singing to me/us in a sidewalk, he was so close that I even touched him on the shoulder, so close that we had a near-seizure attack because we couldn't believe that it was Jason Mraz serenading us on a cold April night while we were waiting in line to watch his show! And he sang to us twice! He said he felt bad that we were waiting outside in the cold so he got out of his trailer and started singing to us. It was such an unforgettable night and I didn't believe any other could top that. Until today.

I realized that watching Jason live, be it in an intimate venue like The Fillmore or in a big setting like the one today at the Greek Theater in UC Berkeley, is always an amazing, otherworldly experience. I remember back in April, in the middle of his show, I turned around to my friend and said, "Ga, Jason is seriously killing me right now." And my friend Dae merely nodded, because what else is there to say? He is just so good, even better live.

And tonight, while he was singing "Beautiful Mess", I closed my eyes for a moment, allowed the song to bring me to another place, and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. For his music and how it touched me deeply, for being a part of a wonderful audience who knew most of the lyrics to each song and who sang and danced with wild abandon, and most of all, for the beautiful man in front of us who is so talented and awesome beyond words.



  1. You gotta love music that rocks us to the core, don't you?

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have, for this moment, lived vicariously through you. ;)

  3. d, yes. i was definitely rocked to the core.

    s.l., you're welcome! hope you get to see him perform someday.