just what i needed

Good reads + lots of sleep. And I'm feeling so much better now. Thank you all for your sweet comments.

And oh, aren't these photos lovely? They are from two of my favorite artists, Camilla Engman and Lena Corwin. Their blogs are so inspiring and I can spend hours just staring at all the beautiful photos. Plus, they have the cutest pooches too!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Hope you find inspiration, wherever you are.


  1. Cute, cute puppies! Dog therapy is a great thing.

    We were thinking of Engman's artwork for RWP. Love her work. I'll have to go check Lena Corwin now.

  2. Ooh, what good reads?

    If you're having a dog photo party, I have to bring this one which I saw on flickr recently.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well :)

  4. deb, i used to be "not a dog person" but now i love them to pieces.

    cuileann, that puppy is adorable! i clicked at other pictures of him too.

    dorkys, thanks! welcome back from your vacay.

  5. Aaaaaawwwwww so adorable! (gigil)

    I'm a dog person. I fall for puppy eyes every single time, haha.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better.