always in december

1. The Dream

that now long lost night
in December, beside you, I saw
that the leaves had returned
to the branches
outside my window. Now
that is all that it was: leaves, blowing
in the windy sunlight: somehow,
in spite of the chances against it
occuring, in spite of the critic's wan sneer,
I dreamed this gorgeous thing.

-Franz Wright, 'Four Poems of Youth'

* * *
The photo is from Thomas C. Chung's installation called "Do You See What I See?", taken by Camilla Engman. Last night, I found this poem that I copied in my journal some months ago. I love this poem for so many reasons and thought that poem and photo make a perfect pair. Together, they make my heart ache, in a very good way.

Hope you all have a lovely and inspiring weekend wherever you are.


  1. You are so right! I love this poem. The leaves returning to the trees! I love the breath of it, and the tone feels like a whisper. The picture is awesome, too.

    I really like your site. I just read your "about" section, and I see we have something in common. I LOVE seafood!! I'd love to see some recipes from your homeland. Do you ever write about your home or family? That would be very interesting to those of us who have never been. I've only seen pictures, and they were beautiful.

  2. I just looked some more and found your poems! Beautiful! Moira is wonderful. I'll look again before I ask next time:) Take care.

  3. As always, GORGEOUS photo!

    The Franz Wright poem makes me feel warm and Christmasy and Decembery, though I'm sure that's not the feeling he wanted. ;)

    "...together, they make my heart ache, in a very good way." Definitely.

  4. Beautiful poem and photo. You're right, they do go together!

    I am easily pulled into the world of longing to be united with the beloved. I think that's one of the main motivations behind what I choose to read, and what I write.

    A wonderful post.

  5. They do fit together! I love that poem...actually, that whole book, but whatever.

  6. Thanks for sharing that poem. I hadn't read it before. And I love Camilla's work. Love love it.

  7. julie - thanks! you are so sweet. i will send Moira your regards. as for poems about the Philippines, i've only a few. but then again, i only have a few poems, period. thats in my to-do list this december, to write a poem about christmas in the Philippines.

    maya - thank you. i'm glad you enjoyed it.

    christine - same here. i've always been drawn to poems that express longing or melancholy. glad you liked the post.

  8. cuileann- yes, that book is one of my faves. although lately i haven't been reading it because it makes me sad.

    dana - thank you! and isn't camilla's artwork just beautiful? her blog is one of my inspirations.

  9. Yes, they do go so well together. Both beautiful, I'm especially taken wiht the picture.

  10. What a beautiful poem, and you are right the picture goes well with it, it is quite stunning as well.

  11. Wonderful compilation. I'd not read the poem before; I'm a big Engman fan. Thanks for the dreams before sleep~