Or alternatively titled, "Because I'm too tired but I can't sleep after eating too much at my work's holiday party".

Yes, we had our holiday party tonight. Small and intimate, it was held at a co-worker's home which happens to be one of the most charming homes I've ever been to. I think if Amelie had house of her own, I can definitely see her there. I had to restrain myself from taking pictures of all the pretty vintage pieces inside. Plus, my co-worker has a small wine business, so there was drinks galore. All that + good food makes for such a lovely night.

* * *
Words/poems/images are very much floating in my head but I can't quiet reach them. Not yet. I'm a kaleidoscope of emotions; a swirling, shifting space these days. One moment I am in such a quiet, peaceful state, seeing words and poised to claim them on a page, the next I'm so scattered and restless that I can't even sit still, let alone listen to my thoughts. I'd like to think that its the holidays. But I have a feeling that it also has a lot to do with the fact that my birthday is fast-approaching (I'm turning 29!) and for the second time in my life, I am spending Christmas and my birthday away from my family and my country. Christmas in the Philippines is really, really special and I will miss it so. much.

* * *
Here is a glimpse of my text-scapades with my out-of-state friends today (we're not Twittering yet and I'm afraid to start because I know for sure I'll be hooked):

Odessa: There's a substitute drama teacher here in my school that I'm probably gonna start to stalk. Haha. He is sooooo my type.

Yed: please Lord let the man be straight.

(Clearly, my dear friends know the dating hazards of living in this city. Teehee.)


  1. Haha. :)

    That makes me sad, that you are far from home and family for Christmas and your birthday. I hope that whatever you do here with your friends instead is absolutely wonderful.

  2. I've got my christmas party at a friend's tonight.....I'm cooking a ham in orange sauce this afternoon. Sorry I've not been by for a while, the magazine has made life crazy, and yes, the puppy too! Hello *waving*.

  3. Lovely descriptions, swirling spaces and emotions. The writing will come.

    May your 29th birthday be filled with sweet memories of home that is still yours. Sigh, holidays can be so hard when separated from family.


  4. 29, you're an infant.

    I'd love to hear about Christmas in the Philippines. Maybe that's what your poem will be about.

    The party sounds wonderful. I love small gatherings.

    hope the drama teacher is just the thing.

  5. cuileann - thanks! lemme know if you're in town during the holidays and maybe we can arrange a meet-up.

    jo - many thanks for dropping by and for Ouroboros! its certainly an inspiration. hope you had a great time at your friend's party!

    deb - thank you! yes, holidays are hard when you're far away from your immediate family. luckily, i have cousins and relatives here in california and i'll be spending the holidays with them.

    christine - i try to look at 29 that way so i won't stress out about turning 30 next year, haha. alas, substitute drama teacher was here for a day only and i doubt if i'll ever see him again.