writers' rooms

Mark Haddon

I've spent so much time last night taking a peek at writers' rooms over at guardian.co.uk - so inspiring! My favorites are these two because they are very close to my own eclectic style.

Which got me thinking (read: dreaming) about my ideal writing space. The most important thing for me is to have lots of light. I like to stare outside when I'm writing so it has to be a room with a view. And it has to have a sofa or a bed, because I like to take naps in between.

In reality, however, I don't even think a room works for me. I have a small studio now and I live by myself but even then, I seldom write at home. I write my best when I'm outside, preferably while sitting in a coffee shop and watching people walk by.

How about you, what's your ideal writing space?

P.S. More writers' rooms here. And just so you won't miss them, this is where Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte used to write.

freewrite on my ride home

They come and go -
The singers, the buskers in the subway
One day a girl and her accordion, short
short skirt, black knee high socks
accordion expanding and compressing
like a pair of plastic lungs in a 5th grade
science experiment, open for all to see.
One day a group of four men, dressed
in black tuxedos, tapping their feet and
snapping their fingers, telling everyone
they will be saved, they will be saved.
One day a man with pale skin playing
the bagpipes, his tartan skirt looking
out of place in a sea of jeans and slacks --
was he dreaming of rolling hills and crashing surf
while he stared blankly ahead at weary workers
rushing in their evening commute?

They come and go, their music fading fast
while I slump in my seat, counting train stops.

* * *
Confession: This month has been very blah, writing-wise. How do you unblock a writer's block? I'm trying, writing notes such as these, hoping that the words I've written here and there will inspire another piece. But its tough, I've been playing around and reading other people's blogs instead.

behind the scenes

Is it just me? I can't get enough of the Obama family. The first photo was taken at the elevator on the way to the Inaugural ball, I love how the rest of the men were casually looking away while the President is sharing a tender moment with the First Lady. So sweet. And the second photo is for my sister Moira, who absolutely loves Sasha.

See more behind-the-scenes photos here (via The Huffington Post).


All my life
I've always dreamed of a somewhere.
It took me awhile to realize
that somewhere is here.

five things that's making me happy

This picture from Domino magazine. If I were to envision a future house, this would be my dream entryway. I love everything about it - the wooden bench, the artworks, the casually placed throw. Will definitely bookmark this one in my folder of "inspirations".

Writing my intentions for the year. I consider myself a very spontaneous, come-what-may type of person and I rarely write any goals, but like I said before this is a big year for me so I decided to make a list of my intentions. I finally finished it last Sunday, in time for President Obama's inauguration, which also became a personal celebration for me to start anew. I'm very excited!

Yoga. I've had this throbbing pain on my left jaw lately, which I attributed to my teeth-grinding during sleep, so I forced myself to go to my yoga class to help me de-stress even if I wasn't feeling like going at all. I'm amazed at how yoga makes me feel so invigorated afterwards, like I've found my way back to my body again. I really need to go more often. And I really need to go to the dentist ASAP and have my jaw checked.

Blogging poets and their books. Two of my blogger friends have published their own poetry books! Eleven-year old Maya just received a hard copy of her book today and January/Poet Mom's first poetry book will also be published this year. I'm so inspired by these ladies.

This print via Heartfish. And now my motto:

What about you, what's making you happy right now?

here's to a new beginning.

What a glorious day. And how wonderful is it that poetry was a part of this great moment in history? I couldn't help myself, I got all choked up when Elizabeth Alexander was reading her inauguration poem. I especially love the line "In today's sharp sparkle, this winter air, anything can be made, any sentence begun."

Yes, anything can be made. For this, I am truly grateful.

(You can read the full transcript of the inauguration poem here via The New York Times)

Photo by chefcka68

hello from half moon bay!

The weather has been just gorgeous this past couple of days (high 70s to low 60s). And I've been chasing sunsets, taking pictures with my Polaroid camera. I don't have a scanner so I can't post them here yet. I will soon. And yes, there's no other place I'd rather be than here when the weather is this beautiful. *Sending some sunshine your way* xoxo

have a splendid weekend.

One of my New Year goals was to always have fresh flowers in my apartment. So far, so good. And it really does make a world of difference. Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

tour guide

Hello everyone! My aunt and uncle are visiting from New Jersey and I've been really busy showing them around. The good thing about living in San Francisco is that I have visitors all year round and they make me realize again and again how truly blessed I am to live in a city that I love. I will be back to blogging full force next week.

P.S. I am watching the Golden Globe Awards right now and I just want to give a shout-out to Slumdog Millionaire! Yay! I so LOVE this movie and recommend it to everyone.


View of the city from Twin Peaks - New Year's Eve

My fairy godmother gave me this book of poems by Federico Garcia Lorca and I couldn't be happier. I've been working on my "wishlist" for the year 2009, eventhough I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but I'm turning 30 this year so I decided to write down my 29 Things To Do Before 30 list. Being the overanalyzer that I am, I had a hard time finishing my list, and decided on reading the poetry book instead. I opened the book and the first poem that I saw was this:


Night always still.
Day comes and goes.

Night dead and lofty.
Day winged.

Night over mirrors
and day beneath the wind.

* * *

Balance, yes. That's exactly what I'm looking for and my wish for this new year. Often, I get too focused about one or two things in my life and forget about the others. For instance, I'll be so consumed with work or with my writing that I forget about relationships and spending time with those I love, or vice versa. Its always been this way, even when I was young, I tend to focus on one thing (e.g. doing well in school), and give all my energy into it whilst neglecting my health or my social life. This year, I will strive to create balance. A balanced life of work, rest, and play. Of creating and relaxing. Of holding on and letting go. Of movement and stillness.

How about you, what's your wish(es) for 2009?

Photo taken by Mike N.