View of the city from Twin Peaks - New Year's Eve

My fairy godmother gave me this book of poems by Federico Garcia Lorca and I couldn't be happier. I've been working on my "wishlist" for the year 2009, eventhough I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but I'm turning 30 this year so I decided to write down my 29 Things To Do Before 30 list. Being the overanalyzer that I am, I had a hard time finishing my list, and decided on reading the poetry book instead. I opened the book and the first poem that I saw was this:


Night always still.
Day comes and goes.

Night dead and lofty.
Day winged.

Night over mirrors
and day beneath the wind.

* * *

Balance, yes. That's exactly what I'm looking for and my wish for this new year. Often, I get too focused about one or two things in my life and forget about the others. For instance, I'll be so consumed with work or with my writing that I forget about relationships and spending time with those I love, or vice versa. Its always been this way, even when I was young, I tend to focus on one thing (e.g. doing well in school), and give all my energy into it whilst neglecting my health or my social life. This year, I will strive to create balance. A balanced life of work, rest, and play. Of creating and relaxing. Of holding on and letting go. Of movement and stillness.

How about you, what's your wish(es) for 2009?

Photo taken by Mike N.


  1. That's a lovely lovely poem. In 2009 I really want to enjoy life more -- I feel like I'm not enjoying it, but zipping through it in such a hurry I don't stop to admire and love.

    So I think I'm going to aim for a more relaxed lifestyle this year.

  2. In 2009, I want to find joy in simple things- company of friends, loved ones, read, travel. Just feel content in being me.
    Well, there is a materialistic wishlist too but I dont think I want to dwell over it too much.

  3. What a perfect poem. It's breathless, not out of breath, but just - still air.

    I don't know yet what I want.

  4. Balance - why can this be such a tough one? I am striving for this as well! Happiest new year wishes to you dear Odessa. Peace, JP/deb

  5. Yes a beautiful poem and this is a beautiful post. I love the last few lines.

  6. I love the poem. You are so right. Balance is what we need to achieve. My goal for '09 is to stop worrying so much. I think balance will help with that one. Great post! You have given me much to think about.

  7. Beautiful poem, and an honest post.

    I've been neglecting my personal appearance lately - no manicure (not even my home ones), hair always in a ponytail, ya know? Your post is a great inspiration.

    lovely photo too.

  8. You're turning 30 and I'm turning 40! Looks like a big year for both of us.

  9. maya - thanks! relaxing sounds good to me too.

    spontaneous mini - yeah, i think the good thing about the current economy is that it forces us to simplify and not focus on the material things.

    cuileann - thank you.

    deb - happy new year to you too! thanks for visiting!

  10. jo - thank you. glad you enjoyed it.

    julie - i'm the same way. i tend to think and worry too much. here's to a new year with less worries!

    christine - i hear you. my hair's been up in a ponytail a lot these days. haha.

    january - yes! this is a big year for both of us, im so excited.

  11. I think that balance is something so many people overlook, i think that the current economic crisis may actually help us to achieve balance. I love Lorca's poetry