behind the scenes

Is it just me? I can't get enough of the Obama family. The first photo was taken at the elevator on the way to the Inaugural ball, I love how the rest of the men were casually looking away while the President is sharing a tender moment with the First Lady. So sweet. And the second photo is for my sister Moira, who absolutely loves Sasha.

See more behind-the-scenes photos here (via The Huffington Post).


  1. Ohh.. Such beautiful moments captured. Love the first one.
    My interpretation- the men in the background are thinking- Oh no!President not again. Now where do I look??

  2. My sis sent me a bunch of the pictures the other night. They are too sweet for words. I hadn't seen the first one though. Very beautiful :)

  3. Awww! The second one is adorably cute.

    It's interesting to take a peek behind the scenes.

  4. *afir* Odang!

    I have a small collection of candid (and not so candid) Obama photographs that I love.

    It includes one with the President coming down from a plane (I'm guessing from campaigning) and his girls running to meet him. Also, one of him surfing in Hawaii and dancing in an African village. :)

    For Moira, more adorable Sasha pics!:,sasha-obama-fierce-012509g.photogallery?index=0

  5. te, thanks for posting that picture! :)

    sasha just reminds me of myself when i was like her age... dont know if you'll agree, hehehe.

    ate stella, ill surely check the website! thanks! :)