five things that's making me happy

This picture from Domino magazine. If I were to envision a future house, this would be my dream entryway. I love everything about it - the wooden bench, the artworks, the casually placed throw. Will definitely bookmark this one in my folder of "inspirations".

Writing my intentions for the year. I consider myself a very spontaneous, come-what-may type of person and I rarely write any goals, but like I said before this is a big year for me so I decided to make a list of my intentions. I finally finished it last Sunday, in time for President Obama's inauguration, which also became a personal celebration for me to start anew. I'm very excited!

Yoga. I've had this throbbing pain on my left jaw lately, which I attributed to my teeth-grinding during sleep, so I forced myself to go to my yoga class to help me de-stress even if I wasn't feeling like going at all. I'm amazed at how yoga makes me feel so invigorated afterwards, like I've found my way back to my body again. I really need to go more often. And I really need to go to the dentist ASAP and have my jaw checked.

Blogging poets and their books. Two of my blogger friends have published their own poetry books! Eleven-year old Maya just received a hard copy of her book today and January/Poet Mom's first poetry book will also be published this year. I'm so inspired by these ladies.

This print via Heartfish. And now my motto:

What about you, what's making you happy right now?


  1. Oh, thank you!

    And as for what's making me happy -- sunshine, poetry, and amazing friends like you. ;)

  2. maya, thanks! sunshine + poetry are on top of my all-time happiness list too.

  3. spending sundays with the family makes me happy right now! family hikes, family giggles, family dinner, the family dog. it's all about the family. cheers!