here's to a new beginning.

What a glorious day. And how wonderful is it that poetry was a part of this great moment in history? I couldn't help myself, I got all choked up when Elizabeth Alexander was reading her inauguration poem. I especially love the line "In today's sharp sparkle, this winter air, anything can be made, any sentence begun."

Yes, anything can be made. For this, I am truly grateful.

(You can read the full transcript of the inauguration poem here via The New York Times)

Photo by chefcka68


  1. Oh, I too loved Elizabeth. She was amazing.

    Don't understand why people were tearing her apart for her delivery. They said it was so monotonous -- a sign that this world needs more poetry.

    I'm really disappointed. She was brilliant. All the poets say so. All the non-poets hated it. Hmm...

  2. My eyes teared up too. And I loved her poem. A beautiful moment. Great photo, perfect to show joy.

  3. maya, i don't understand why people (even other poets!) are criticizing the inauguration poem and her delivery. i thought it was very heartfelt and fitting for the occasion. but whatever, you can't please everyone. i'm just happy that poetry wad read to such a large audience.

    christine, thanks!