writers' rooms

Mark Haddon

I've spent so much time last night taking a peek at writers' rooms over at guardian.co.uk - so inspiring! My favorites are these two because they are very close to my own eclectic style.

Which got me thinking (read: dreaming) about my ideal writing space. The most important thing for me is to have lots of light. I like to stare outside when I'm writing so it has to be a room with a view. And it has to have a sofa or a bed, because I like to take naps in between.

In reality, however, I don't even think a room works for me. I have a small studio now and I live by myself but even then, I seldom write at home. I write my best when I'm outside, preferably while sitting in a coffee shop and watching people walk by.

How about you, what's your ideal writing space?

P.S. More writers' rooms here. And just so you won't miss them, this is where Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte used to write.


  1. Jane Austen's table...crazy!

    I'm not sure about writing spaces. Most of what I write is stuff that I think of when I'm walking or on the streetcar or trying to sleep (times when I can think and not be interrupted or distracted, basically). The assembling and polishing of that in actual text, and where I am then, don't feel as important. It's not a very good system; I'd probably write a lot more if I didn't feel like I needed to have something in my head BEFORE I started, but thusly do I roll.

  2. Thanks for sharing! My desk is usually messy, cluttered with pages of fresh ideas, and I have a spectacular view of the street.

    I'm happy with where I work. ;) But I do think I need to clear away some of the real "junk" on my desk.

    I don't exactly have the choice of changing the layout of my room. My desk is just way too heavy to move.

  3. The top one is lovely, sunny, red, my favourite colour, lots of books. My study is the room in the house which is as yet unfinished. I have a very old Victorian table instead of a desk, piled high with crap, and four million poetry books piled everywhere. There are also kids' toys, cups which shouldn't be here, a sofa (great for inspirational napping).......and my view is of a wall, though the garden's right behind me.

  4. I would love to have a writing room, but I know full well it wouldn't work for me. I can't sit still and bang out a story.

    I do most of my writing in the train during my commute (also in between people watching) or if I'm sitting outside somewhere. I can't seem to concentrate indoors!

  5. I love these spaces but I want to see yours. Show us your writing space!

  6. cuileann, i used to be like that. now i will really force myself to sit down and just write, even if i don't want to.

    maya, i'm so impressed that you already have a regular writing space (ahem, not to mention a published book!) at your age. i didn't even start journaling until i was 15.

    jo, i love red too! red and orange are my favorite colors. i think every writer i know has piles of books everywhere. personally, i love piles of books, the higher the better. i find them very comforting.

    dorkys, same here. i get very little writing done at home, i open my computer and i'm off to Facebook wonderland. hee.

    january, you just gave me an idea. i will share pics of my writing spaces soon. most of them are coffee shops.