confession tuesday

'Tis that day of the week again. Time to confess. And if you so incline, head on over to the confessional at Poet Mom's and share some snippets of your week with us.

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Blame it on Facebook. This is true for so many of us lately. I think it's gotten so bad that a lot of companies have blocked access to Facebook and other social networking sites already. Its gotten so bad that I know of a marriage on a verge of a breakdown because of Facebook. And yes, they are people I know and are in contact with. Which really got me thinking: how is my own personal relationships affected by the amount of time I spend in the virtual world?

To be very honest, blogging has really enhanced my writing and my willingness to share a part of myself to others. I used to be (and still am) very shy about my writing and other creative pursuits. In fact, only few of my friends know that I have a blog and that I write poetry. And I don't have a real life writing group to share my writing with, so it really means a lot to me to get feedback and advice from other writers and poets that I've met online.

However, Facebook does take away time that I should have spent doing things that I ought to do. Things like writing, making a phone call to a loved one, reading a book, sorting my stack of papers here and there, etc. Yes its good to "find" people on Facebook, those that you haven't seen in ages, but I must admit that I sometimes look at their pages and secretly compare my life to theirs. I am not proud of it but its the truth.

All these led me to a decision not to get an iPhone. I've been agonizing over switching to AT&T for the past month or so, held off getting a new (free) phone from Verizon, because I was still on the fence about buying an iPhone. But I know myself well enough to know that if I get an iPhone and have constant access to the internet (and Facebook), it will be very hard for me to limit my time in the virtual world. Its bad enough now, I can only imagine if I have it with me 24/7. I might change my mind about this, because I am silly and fickle and I do want that iPhone, but for now this is my plan.

* * *
So how about you, what do you think about Facebook and other social networking sites? Does it affect your personal relationships at all?


  1. Oops, now I feel really guilty for making you do that meme :) No more, I promise. I think FB is great for networking and has proved incredibly useful for drumming up interest in our magazine but I'm a pretty private person and so I don't like to put too much up there......interesting confession.

  2. I agree with what Jo has said (no surprise there!). For me facebook is a great networking tool. In fact, I cleared my status update thingy because I was tired of finding witty or cryptic things to say. But here I am at the climbing gym with my son, blogging! Sheesh. But it's you, Odessa. You're worth it, *smile*.

  3. Oh yes, it is disruptive, I know. My husband complains I'm always blogging. My new addiction to Facebook is not quite as time-consuming because it is quicker; reading a long blog post (or worse yet, writing one) takes even more time. But I love blogging and reading blogs so would not want to give that up.

    Thanks for pointing out that getting an i-phone would make the addiction to the internet even worse. I think I too will hold off on getting one of those!