found this written somewhere in an old notebook

Poetry is hard to come by. You have to write it like you owe a debt to the world. In that way poetry is how the world comes to be in you.
--Alan Davies

Hope you have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Great quote, Odessa.

  2. Indeed...
    If you have a sec of your time, I´d appreciate it if you came round my blog to be a fair critic.
    All the best,

  3. That's so true. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to sit at the table in this photo to have a cup of tea with you,Odessa, and write an exquisite corpse poem together.

  4. jo, thank you.

    lady astor, nice to meet you. thanks for dropping by.

    christine, i'd love to take you up on that offer! hopefully this can happen soon.

    by the way, this picture was actually taken at the poetry room in City Lights Bookstore.