poem notes

After the rain
sky is washed-out blue
I gaze up, seeking permission
to write.

* * *
Valentine's Day, Morning Due Cafe
She sits at a table for two
Dressed in black
High, high heels
Hair the color of ashes, short and spiky
Large hoop earrings, bright red lips
Long, manicured fingernails
Sweater draped like a cape
over her wide shoulders.
She stares ahead,
rubs one hand up and down her arm,
remembers her runaway lover,
while her glass of white wine sits
like a lady-in-waiting
at her now empty court.

* * *
At the Ferry Building
Children run in and out of stores
Touching everything
with their sticky fingers.

* * *
These are some pieces from my daily 15-minute freewrites (thanks January for the idea!)


  1. What I like about your writing is that it gives the reader's imagination space to enter in. The court image is wonderful.

  2. thanks jo! my writing has been really crappy lately so it warms my heart to read your kind comments.

  3. Very nice job. Love those little slices of life you present so well.

  4. Hey beautiful! Still hanging in there I see...

    I love your poem...I've been swamped at school and have been not so good at posting. You've inspired me. Hope all is well with your sis!

  5. The Valentine's Day poem is wonderful! You create a character and a scenario in just a few short lines. She's all dressed up, with no beau.

    And the shorter poems are very nice too. I can keenly feel them, and picture the images.