and she glows with snow sprinkles in her hair...

Photo from Flickr via sfgirlbybay

When I was growing up, I secretly wanted to have red hair. I never told anyone because the rest of the girls in my class dreamed of having blonde hair and blue eyes and let's face it most of us wanted to conform to the majority when we were young. I think my wish to be a redhead must have something to do with Anne of Green Gables, who was my heroine/alter-ego in elementary school, until I "met" Elizabeth Bennet, and well you know how it goes with magical thinking...

Needless to say, the picture above reminded me of my girlish dreams. I love the undone-ness of her hair and the way its color pops out of the picture. And of course, love the snow dusts.

How about you, who were your fictional hero/heroines? And how did they influence your childhood? I know most of you are bookworms and writers so I'm just curious.

And oh, happy, happy Friday! I hope its finally sunny where you are.


  1. I've yet to find my fictional hero/heroine. I've never really thought about it, actually...but I should.

    I do love the picture and the title of your post, though. So pretty.

  2. Jo from Little Women. She's my ideal girl/woman. Ideal.

  3. mary lynneMarch 28, 2009

    I was a Nancy Drew fan. Always trying to solve the mystery before the end of the story. We, my sister and I, would act it out sometimes, bringing in some of the younger neighbors who didn't mind at all. I was a Kipling fan too. Loved the Aladdin series. Anything that told stories of far away places. Yeah! Enjoy your weekend. I'm glad you're feeling better!


  4. There is something special about dark red hair, isn't there?...

    I'm having to think about this question more than I thought I would!

  5. oohhh me too: jo from little women!!! she is simply wonderful and i used to daydream about having a boy friend like laurie :)

    and i liked beth too, it was after her that i started studying piano, hehe!

  6. maya, thanks! and yes, you need to find one. in fact, i think you already do, you just don't know it. :)

    Jo and jo: i love Jo from Little Women too! were you guys named after her or was it just serendipity, perhaps? i had a crush on Laurie too, i was so angry at Jo when she refused to marry him. i thought the older guy (the writer) was too old for her...hahaha, what did i know back then about love!!! :)

  7. ms. M,
    nancy drew, how could i forget her? i think i read all of the hardback nancy drew and hardy boys series. it made me want to be a flight attendant so i can travel to different countries. LOL. and yes, i'm feeling so much better thanks.

  8. cuileann, don't think. just pick one. i'm sure there's one that you like more than others.

  9. I wanted to be Huck Finn. Seriously. I dreamed about it. To me, he was a symbol of freedom. When I was a kid, I used to pole a little skiff through canals in the woods and dream that I was having adventures on the Mississippi. I guess it's sad that I had no female role models. Sorry for the weird answer. But you ask a great question!