a beginning of something (i hope)

Parked on a Hill in South San Francisco

Rain starts to fall in dots
on my windshield, little circles
that lie still for a moment
before sliding down the glassy slope

some faster than others
while a few take their time
moving leisurely
in a way
that only water could.

I envy these little drops.
Even the ones that come
and disappear all at once.

* * *
Process: This was "written" on my Blackberry notepad last Saturday night. I was feeling pretty down, berating myself for my indecision, and just overall under the weather. Staring at my rain-dotted windshield distracted me from my depressing thoughts and I knew I had to write a poem about it. This is the first draft (as are all of my poems these days) but I wanted to share it here.


  1. I love watching rain. This is lovely, really captures the essence of it all.

  2. This is beautiful. "in a way / that only water could." I love it. And "I envy these little drops. / Even the ones that come / and disappear all at once."

  3. It's a beautiful image and a perfect one to poem. You have a great mood in this, captured by those small points.

    (Cool process, too. Anywhere. Anytime. You can do this NaPoWriMo. Find all the distractions and capture a bit. Not all of them. Just a bit. It's all we can do, right?)

  4. I love this poem. Watching rain dots on glass is a childhood memory of mine. I love that you describe them as dots, and that first stanza is a winner.

  5. jo, maya, deb, julie:
    thank you all for your sweet comments!

  6. I never had thought that the process also matters..and it does affect any poem..normally i suppress things and go home and write when i am solitary..well that is good..i have to carry my phone with me now... blackberry??nay!!lols(funds problems..you see)
    anyways the poem is indeed so sweet..every personification is great!