confession tuesday

I'm inspired by Deb's one-sentence confessions so I'm doing the same.

I have a fieldwork student shadowing me for a week and being with her makes me feel nostalgic about grad school and all the idealism that goes with it.

Sometimes I feel like my online friends understand me more than my friends in real life, then I feel guilty for even thinking this way.

I think I have a seasonal affective disorder, my mood really does change when I see the sun.

I *tried* giving up shopping for Lent and I don't think its gonna happen.

Now I'm obsessed with buying a pair of boots which does not even make sense because I won't be using it for the next couple of months anyway.

Talking to my family on the phone (especially my mom) makes me want to cry.

Someone asked me if this is autobiographical and the answer is yes.

* * *
How about you, anything you want to share? Don't forget to visit The Confessional at Poet Mom's.


  1. I think I'm S.A.D., too. But I see signs of spring. And, National Poetry Month is around the corner.

    I feel the same way about my online friends. Weird, isn't it?

    Thanks for confessing.

  2. Great confessions. And I know what you mean about the online friends, too. I tend to think its poetry-related. :-) Some of my friends read my blog & don't ever comment, some of my best IRL friends don't read it at all, & I always wonder why, if they are that close. (They aren't writing friends, so I guess that's why.)

    I liked your "vignette" and wondered. :-} Good thing your friend doesn't read you blog? Maybe that's the upside to friends not connecting in every way.

  3. Awesome post. I love the confessions. I can relate to all of them, especially the one about talking to your mother on the phone. I have that same reaction when I hang up, even though the conversations are usually lighthearted.

    I love your vignette, too. (Sorry...I should have commented on that spot about it). The ending is so powerful.

  4. I've got SAD as well - and this winter has been worse than usual! It's not just the lack of light, it's the cold and gray weather and being stuck inside.

    I love my online friends too - I never feel alone as long as I have my computer!