today is my mom's birthday.

I've had a really rough day (my computer crashed, among other things) and was starting to get emotional when I called my mom to greet her a happy birthday. But my mom knows me too well and started telling me random stories to cheer me up that by the time I hang up the phone, I was feeling much, much better.

She told me how "Price Harry" was supposedly seen in our tiny coastal town doing humanitarian work (that is, if you count painting classrooms of an elementary school humanitarian work) and how the Philippine media all of a sudden flocked into my hometown to see "the prince". It was such a preposterous story but my mom knows I'm such a fangirl sometimes and thought I'd get a kick out of it.

Anyways, it turned out that Harry's lookalike, who also happened to speak with an impeccable British accent, was part of a team of foreign volunteers visiting our island. You can read the story here. People even had pictures taken with him, its too funny!

So yeah, my mom is cool like that. And she's also one of the most kindhearted and nature-loving people I know too. The picture above was taken in her rooftop garden 2 years ago. Isn't she beautiful?


  1. That's a wonderful picture.

    I'm sorry the daily's been so wearing lately. Hugs and tea your way.

  2. The news was featured on Saksi just hours ago. I had a laugh, too. In my opinion, parang lamang sa gandang lalaki yung look-alike, pala-ngiti sa video eh, haha.

    Happy belated birthday to your mom. And a Mother's Day greeting, in advance, too. ;) Cheers.

  3. Yes, she's beautiful! Happy birthday to her.

    Hope the days only get brighter from now on. You deserve the best days.

  4. Your mother is so beautiful! And what a sweet mother. I got misty eyed reading your description of the phone call.

    The story is hilarious, too. What a beautiful woman. I hope she had a very happy birthday.