when the lights go down in the city

Dolores Park; Pictures taken from my phone this evening

The weather has been scorching this past couple of days - 80s to high 90s and along with the heat, I also had a series of not-so-fortunate events that almost left me standing on the edge. Thank God for friends and short trips along the Pacific coast, or I would have lost it. And thank God for this beautiful city. I may be treading in dark waters but when I look around and see beauty everywhere, I always remind myself that at least I have this city, whom I love so, so deeply.


  1. So sorry you've been having a hard time, Odessa.

    You're right, it's one of my favourite cities too, and I only spent a week there. Lucky you.

  2. I'm sorry you're having a rough time, Odessa. I hope things are better for you now. But you're right. The city is beautiful. I love how you describe it as "whom." It's like a living soul. As always, I love your pictures.

  3. Gorgeous photos. I'm sorry to hear that you're not having a smooth time right now -- but it'll pass. I <3 San Francisco; you are so very lucky to live there.