why i love highway 1

Because it gives me opportunities to bring out the would-be ballerina in me and dance in middle of nowhere with only the ocean and the endless blue sky as witnesses to my dorkiness.

(Okay, that's not entirely true because my cousin was also there. And yes, he managed to keep a straight face at my attempts of doing an arabesque, bless his heart.)

Photo taken along Highway 1; Santa Cruz, CA 4.11.09


  1. This is an adorable photo of you. Plus the description reads like a poem...

    Thanks for all you kind words on my blog while I've been away. I had time to post and run, that's it!

  2. That's a lovely picture - you look so happy :)

    I'd love to see you dance!

  3. What a fun, care-free moment!

  4. [Eeps that sounds wickedly sarcastic! NO sarcasm intended.]

  5. cuil, no offense taken ;)