falling in love at a coffee shop

This is such a sweet song. When I first heard it about a year ago, I remembered saying, "Oh, that's my story". You see, when we were still starry-eyed teenagers, my friends and I would daydream about our ideal way to meet "The One". A friend said she wants to meet him in a plane or at an airport, another wished to meet him while backpacking in South America, then another wanted to meet someone famous and together they will try to escape the paparazzi....yeah, we're pretty much delusional then. And me? Well, I said I wanted to meet him at a coffee shop.

Anyways, the reason why I'm sharing this is that Dorkys, a magazine writer and bloggy friend from NYC, wrote something in her blog that had me laughing out loud. Her cousin had suggested that she join Match.com and she said no, she'd rather meet someone naturally (i.e. doesn't involve the internets).

I can't even begin to tell you how many times someone had suggested for me to join e-harmony or Match.com. One even went so far and said that she'll set up the account for me. I was a little annoyed at first but now I just laugh it off or say "maybe in a couple of years and I'm still single." But seriously - no, thank you. I'm still holding out hope for my coffee shop guy *tongue firmly in cheek*.

Song: Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg. And yes, this is the same song used in an AT&T commercial.


  1. Oh I adore that song! I'd never heard it before the commercial and hadn't heard it in its entirety until now, but I always sing along when it comes on TV. Thanks for the video!

    And meeting him at a coffee shop sounds so sweet and so you. I can imagine you reading a book and him coming over to talk to you about it because it just happened to be his favorite book. I think you wrote about it before actually. And no worries, I know lots of "delusional" people like us. It would make for a lovely story if it did happen though!

  2. :-) It can happen. An ex-coworker met her SO at a coffee shop. Elizabeth and Clint.

  3. And imagine the poems you'll be able to write about your coffee shop love!

  4. dorkys, yeah i remember that i wrote about it. now i need to start going to coffee shops more. hahaha.

    deb, how lovely that you know a couple who met this way.

    michelle, i wish :)