poppies and polaroids

I love taking Polaroid pictures but the film is just way too expensive for me so I don't use my Polaroid camera often. Enter Poladroid. Its a software that turns digital photos into Polaroid-like pictures. You even wait for a few minutes for it to "develop" -- just like a regular Pola. Its so much fun! Try downloading it here and tell me what you think.

And oh, is it just me or are cut poppies really fragile? But they're so lovely and I love watching each flower unfold everyday that I don't really mind that they're high maintenance.


  1. I love poppies too. The last one I saw was in Solvang.
    But my fav flowers now are Tulips and Orchids. They do not have sweet smell like a rose but they are everlasting and low maintenance, unlike me.

    ANd U've been tagged.

  2. That's cool. I'll have to try the software this weekend.

    Hope you are well.