the day i bought a poem

While my friend Holly bought some lavender and carried them with her everywhere, spreading lavender scents as we wandered around and took countless pictures of cookies and tea, and everything else along the way. (In other words, this is what happens when two SF bloggers are let loose on a sunny Saturday morning.)

Here's Holly and her beautiful hair, taking pictures of crabs while I took photos of retro-inspired grocery bags and dreamed of the day when I'll have a DSLR so I can take more photos of pretty little things I see.

This is the part when a cute, dreadlocked hippie boy gave us free samples of delicious nectarines and I was too shy to take a picture of him so I took one of the produce instead. And oh, did I mention that hippie boy had the sweetest blue eyes?

Here's the Ferry Building and all its goodness. And the part where we met a new friend and his little poem store. He said that he comes here on most Saturdays. (Remember how I first wrote about him here?)

This is the poem that he wrote for us. I don't even know how we ended up talking about Converse (the unofficial counter-culture shoes) and how Nike bought it back in 2003, but Holly and I both knew that we wanted him to write a poem about it. And he did. I have such a hard time writing poetry on the spot, so hats off to him. And don't you just love a poem 'written' by an old typewriter?

P.S. You can read Holly's take on our Saturday wanderings here.


  1. This is awesome, Odessa. I love it! Yes, Holly's hair is so beautiful. I love the color. And I love the vintage bags and the poem store guy. I can NEVER write poems on the spot, so I agree with you on that one...hats off to him!

    It sounds like a beautiful day. I'm glad you were able to experience it:)

  2. thanks julie! it was indeed a wonderful day.

  3. Twice happy! To have that day and then to read about it. <3

  4. same here, Holly. thanks for spending that day with me.