keats and a field of flowers

I just learned about the movie Bright Star (via lumiere) and oh my, the film stills look absolutely stunning. I know very little about Keats and I must admit that I tend to avoid reading 18th century romantic poetry, but I do remember really loving Ode to a Nightingale when I was still in high school. The movie is based on the love affair between Keats and Fanny Brawne and received great reviews at the Cannes Film Festival.

P.S. Here's a short clip from the film. Can you imagine reading Keats' letter in a field of flowers? Ah, I think my knees would buckle too.


  1. knee-buckling indeed!


  2. Breathtaking! I hadn't even heard of it. I love the title too. Definitely one to watch out for. Thanks, Odessa.

  3. Ooooh, I think the actor is your type -- tall, skinny, artsy, intense, crazy hair, with adorable accent! Haha.

  4. deb, ditto! :)

    michelle, you're welcome. definitely can't wait to watch this movie.

    moira, you know me too well. hee.

    *just FYI, in case you guys don't know, Moira is my little sis who likes to tease me about "my artsy types" :)

  5. Awesome video. It looks beautiful. Thanks for letting us know.

    You should hear how my little sis teases me. Lol! I'll have to admit I love his hair:)

  6. mary lynneJuly 15, 2009

    OMG! i just glanced at a Keats book in the bookstore on Market & Church by chance. It was sitting on the floor near the children's section. I've heard a lot about him from past meetings with Keats fans. I'm going back to this bookstore, & if that book is there, I'm getting it. It's so, how do the french say it? anyway i love coincidence. ciao ms O

  7. julie, i love his hair too! and yeah, little sisters are the best :)

    ms. m, what a coincidence. you should definitely buy the book. 'tis a sign.

  8. *Sigh & Swoon*