confession tuesday

I've never wanted a tattoo, but I really like this one, maybe not on my arm but a smaller version on my ankle. (Mom, if you're reading this, don't freak out just yet, haha.)

After my post/confession about Anthropologie, I decided that a dress is not worth losing sleep over, so I went to the store and bought it. Of course, I had to justify the purchase by thinking how many times I'm gonna wear it and how will I mix and match it with other pieces so I can still wear it through winter. Yes, I'm neurotic like that.

One of my close friends just moved to downtown Berkeley and I'm so excited. I've always had this affinity for Berkeley and now I can visit her as much as I want to.

There's a scholarship that I wanted to apply 3 years ago and now its calling me again. The possibility of living in Europe and doing research on international child health is too good to be true. But do I want to be a poor, struggling student again?

Boy-that-I-like-who-just-got-engaged is killing me with his photo updates on Facebook. I'm considering taking him off my friends list.

I just realized that huge shopping malls overwhelm me. When did this happen? I used to love going to the mall, heck I spent half of my teenage years walking around malls because it was too hot to do anything else outside. I guess living in San Francisco and its countless little shops and thrift stores spoiled me.

I have a lot of poems-in-progress but I haven't finished a single one yet. Any suggestions?

And as always, feel free to join The Confessional.

(Photo via A Cup of Jo)


  1. The way you feel about your new dress is how I'm feeling about a certain well-priced mini laptop. It's calling me. Getting ... weaker ... must ... buy ... technology.

    But I digress ...

    If the scholarship is calling you, then apply. When you get it, then you can accept it or decline. But you never know until you try.

    As for poems in progress, there's no magic bullet. Sit yourself down in a chair and finish something. Good advice for the both of us.

  2. I love that you just went back for the dress. Sometimes you need to throw care to the wind and worry about the bills later :)

    You should definitely go for the scholarship! You never know what might come of it or when you'll be able to go through such an experience again.

    And I think my heart would break into pieces if I ever had to follow someone I cared for move on to someone else.

  3. That scholarship sounds amazing. Like January said--applying's no commitment. Do eeet.

    Endings are hard...

  4. January is very wise. Apply!

    Tattoo? Try it in henna first to see if you really like it. It's a pretty design. But I don't have any tattoos. I'm probably near your mother's age.

    I'd love to see a photo of the dress.

    You're a great writer, Odessa. Just finish up those poems, at least as much as you can! When is a poem ever 'done'?