dear anthropologie,

Why must you tempt me so? I've managed to avoid you and your colorful displays for awhile now but when I 'accidentally' went inside one of your stores today and tried on a couple of dresses for a friend's wedding, I just couldn't help myself -- its seduction, all over again.

And oh, how dare you come up with the most irresistible new catalog with 'real people' from my favorite cities? Its almost like flea market meets The Sartorialist and Garance Dore, and again, I dreamed that I could afford to buy everything in sight. Okay, maybe not everything, but I did wish that it was already fall so I can wear sweaters and boots and go to London, perhaps? Because I really, really like these outfits:

But I think we both know that at the end of the day, I will gladly give up all my fashion wish lists for a room that looks similar to this:

So yeah, thank you Anthropologie. It might take all my willpower to resist you and your beautiful dresses, but you also just gave me an inspiration for my room and my book-hoarding ways. Someday when I'm not renting and I can mount every shelf that I want without getting kicked out by my landlord, I will surely think of you and celebrate in style. Bisous.

(Photos from Anthro's August 2009 catalog, via Anthropologie Addict)


  1. I agree with you about books. They are much better than a dress. I wish I owned every good book in the world.

    But I do love those outfits, too. I'm a sucker for boots. The ones you have posted make me drool!!!! That yellow dress is awesome.

  2. julie, i hear you. i'm a sucker for boots as well :)