Hong Kong on my mind.


I was cleaning out my computer files and found this picture, taken on Christmas in 2007 at a subway in Hong Kong. Its been almost two years and yet the memory of that spontaneous trip with my 80-year old grandmother is still so vivid that when I think about it, I am simply flooded with joy. So much so that its hard for me to write about it.

Like my first glimpse of Hong Kong from a rain-smeared window of an express train, arriving just after midnight and finding our quaint little hotel on top of a hill, my grandmother's white cotton nightgown silhouetted against a pitch-black city sky, an open market that never sleeps and the rush of people talking in a language that I don't understand, the smell of dim sum and chicken noodle soup, spending Christmas Eve walking around the city square and listening to young children singing carols in the park, the feeling of being giddy, nervous, alive, open - all those things that you feel when discovering a place for the first time.

One of these days I know the story that I've always wanted to write about that Christmas in Hong Kong will come to me. But until then, I'll have these images, bits and pieces of a time and a place that I keep close to my heart.


  1. Odessa, I know you will write that story, because this is absolutely beautiful. Actually, if you put all your non-fiction observations in a book, I would buy it. I love reading about what you see and how you feel about each experience. Too many people don't take the time to feel experiences, but you sure do!

    I love the description of your grandmother in the white cotton night gown in comparison to the dark city sky. That says so much. The picture is awesome, too. It has a "dreamy" feel to it, doesn't it? I'm glad you had a chance to take the trip with your grandmother. What a lovely memory.

  2. Oh, it's magic. The night gown...and you are right, that's just how you feel in a new place.

    p.s. Yes of course I got your message and it delighted me to no end and I am responding by paper of course. :)

  3. julie, thanks. you always say the sweetest things.

    holly, yay! will look forward to your reply.

  4. odang, i remember you told me the story of your HK trip. and i remember that it was a crazy-beautiful trip. i love the picture. to think that you take these pictures with a point and shoot makes me envious! you take such good pictures that i can't do with my SLR.

    and i totally agree with your friend julie, if you publish your writing, i would buy it in a heartbeat!

    by the way, i really love this post of yours. you made HK feel so alive for me.