marshmallow for you

Because we all need something to cheer us up on a Monday.

This video is a variation of a psychology experiment on self-control that was done in the 60's (read more here). Aren't these kids just adorable? I think the redhead girl who just went for it is my hero. And oh, the blond boy and his expressions are hysterical, he looked like he was in such pain. How about you, do you think you would have waited or eaten the marshmallow right away? I would have waited, just 'coz I was such a goody two-shoes as a kid and always followed the rules.

Video by Steve V via A Cup of Jo


  1. Oh so cute! And they looked like they were being tortured!

    I also would've waited. I was also a rule follower.

  2. dorkys, glad you enjoyed the vid!