that full feeling

View from where I was sitting in downtown Tiburon, 9.20.09

"When I was a child in Chattanooga, seven or eight years old, I remember sometimes in April when that spring gold light would come in at the end of the day and just be there for 10 minutes...that gold time, well, I could hardly stand it as a child. I would lie down and hug myself and my mother and father would be playing bridge with the Penningtons. Lying on the floor hugging myself, I'd look at her and say, 'Mama, I've got that full feeling again,' and she'd say, 'I know you do, honey.' So I grew up in an ecstatic world in which it was okay to lie on the floor and hug yourself or maybe just sit out on the bluff and watch the river." -- Coleman Barks

P.S. I had such a lovely weekend. How about you?

Quote taken from Never in a Hurry


  1. Glorious photograph and quote. I must read this, I think.

    I had a lovely weekend, too. The fullness of long shadows in lightening days.

  2. Wow. He had great parents. And he was a sensitive child. Lovely photo, Odessa.

  3. deb, your weekend sounds magical. "fullness of long shadows in lightening days" makes me sigh :)

    christine, i had the same reaction as you. my parents were exactly the opposite, doing nothing and daydreaming was not encouraged in our home.

  4. Wow. The quote hit me with a thump, because I know exactly what he means. My full fulling usually came at dusk after a long summer day when owls started to hoot in the woods and voices in the distance turned into echoes. Except my mother would tell me to stop acting so crazy...ha! ha! She was a good mother, but like yours, daydreaming wasn't really understood. She had grown up in another time and place. Thanks, Odessa:) Very beautiful post!

  5. I knew that was familiar to me...are you reading Never in a Hurry? Thank God if you are!

  6. julie, glad you liked it! :)

    holly, yes i'm reading Never in a Hurry and decided that i want to be like NSN when i grow up :)