inpiration: these lines

I remembered one summer afternoon, I was laying on grass at the park and staring at the tree above me, looking for the exact words to describe how everything is illuminated but I couldn't find them. And then I read these lines from this book and knew that she was describing that moment exactly as I had experienced it. Isn't that amazing?

I know for a long time I've been shy to say it but I really want to write something like this. That if I could just have one reader feel exactly how I felt when I read these lines - that recognition, that sense of being connected to another, of sharing the same feeling even if your circumstances are completely different - that is the kind of writer that I aspire to be.

There, I said it.


  1. I know the feeling :)

    Oh someday...

  2. "Only connect," isn't that what E M Forster said? And that's it, isn't it?

    I'm glad you said it!