favorite color

Some of our first-graders write b instead of d. Reb. Red. Its all good.
By the way, Reb is my favorite color too.


  1. That is so cute! I love reb. And burple. Haha! Your students are fortunate to have you, Odessa. Have a great week.

  2. I used to do that too! And hello, it's been a while :)

  3. Hi Odessa,
    I just got your package in the mail today and was pleasently surprised. I had sent my package out and had forgotten that I was going to receive one too. I love all of it. I especially love the little cranes that you made. I love little things like that. My husband loved the foot reflexology, because I always ask him to rub my feet and now he thinks he can get out of it. It was all wrapped up so pretty and special. Thank you for all my little gifts of comfort. I can't wait to read the book of love poems.

  4. julie, thanks. i love burple too! :)

    dorkys, hello to you too. thanks for visiting.

    amber, welcome! glad you wandered over here.

    melissa, welcome! i left a note on your blog. so happy you loved the gifts.