a beautiful day

Today I went to visit my Aunt Faye in beautiful Marin County. I haven't seen her in two months and I really missed hanging out with her. She's a bundle of energy and is always up for adventure.

First we went thrift-shopping in Mill Valley. I'm supposedly on a spending hiatus for this month so I didn't buy anything, although I was very tempted to buy a vintage lamp (not in the picture) that I thought would really brighten up my apartment. Gah, its so hard to practice restraint, but I did it.

Then we went to Champagne French Cafe and although it was already after 2 p.m, I still insisted on eating breakfast food. If you ever find yourself on this side of the bay, you should really come here and try their mouth-watering desserts.

Of course, I picked strawberry banana nutella crepe for dessert. Always. I think I'd eat crepes every single day, if given the chance. Add nutella to the mix and I'm in heaven. We lingered and chatted at the cafe for the rest of the afternoon.

And remember how I said that I'd wear more dresses and skirts? I'm happy to say that I've been doing pretty well these days, except for work of course. Skirts and chasing uber energetic little kids just wouldn't work. But yeah, this outfit is one of my favorites. Especially because I got most of the pieces at such bargain prices.

How about you, did you have a good three-day weekend? Valentine's Day? Lunar New Year? Share or link some photos if you can.


  1. cute outfit, and looks like you had a really fun visit. The view in the first picture is amazing!

  2. dea, thanks for dropping by! yes, marin county is indeed beautiful.

  3. looks vintage ^^!
    warm greeting

  4. I had a pretty good week! Glad you are doing well.

    Love seeing pictures from your corner of the world.

  5. thanks january! glad you enjoyed them.

  6. hehe, your so cute...I love to hear that your having fun there. And, you take a good pictures too.