every little thing

Here are 3 things that's making me happy right now: 1. the perfect fine point pen, small enough that I can fit in my wallet 2. 'Inspiration' issue of Poets & Writers 3. a cheap notebook with the sweetest vintage cover (ice cream!).

I bought this notebook at a Japanese bookstore and promptly used it as my daily journal. True to my state of mind, the first few entries were filled with ambiguity and frustration, until about a week ago and I found myself writing this:

Hey there, ice cream journal. I am not so sad anymore. Imagine that.

Now every time I sit down and struggle with words to write, this notebook will always remind me that I should never take myself (or my writing) too seriously.

Happy Monday, my friends!


  1. That notebook is adorable. I do the same thing, and many a journals have been notebooks with fun girly prints. You're right- the fun covers make me re-examine my feelings and remind me to stay happy!

  2. Japanese bookstores have the best finds! And I'm in love with their fashion mags. Need to take a trip to Kinokuniya soon...

  3. dea, yes. i especially love the cheapy ones with random but cute covers.

    ro, i am obsessed with Japanese bookstores. obsessed. :)