reawaken it with play

This is so true. In many ways, I have been very unmotivated lately. Work has been so exhausting and I'm mostly not feeling up to doing anything else. Not even writing. Especially writing. I'd say, "tomorrow I'll start doing yoga again" or "I'll definitely write a poem before the end of the week", and then I'll have some excuse or another and end up spending the rest of my free time on the internet or moping around at home.

But I'm trying to change that. Little by little. Writing words on paper again, having faith in my writing no matter how terrible they may seem to me. I've gone out with friends and family, started socializing again. It's a good feeling to at least know that I'm starting somewhere.

Reawaken the possibility of possibility.

(Quote by David Horvitz)


  1. One day at a time. It sounds like you're pointing in the right direction.

  2. I hear you. Sometimes, however, the only way out is through. You have to write a lot of terrible stuff to get to the good stuff.

    And, it's OK to just do nothing. Maybe you're not supposed to be writing now.