sunday stroll

I did go out for a long walk this morning, up and down the hills in my neighborhood, but forgot to bring my camera. And oh, how it feels so good to walk again, especially with the sun on your face and some fallen cherry blossoms strewn along your pathway. There's something sacred about early morning walks, one that inspires creative thoughts, and today was indeed a blessing.

* * *
So in lieu of photos from my walk, I thought I should share these photo booth pictures from last night. My aunt Carmen and I were in Japantown and I couldn't resist taking her to the sparkly photo booths at Pika Pika. She was hesitant to pose at first but eventually got into it and we had a blast.

And um, notice how we wore different coats in the pictures? Well I sort of forced my aunt to swap coats with me in the middle of the process because I love her ruffled plaid coat so much. Trying to beat the timeline while putting coats on and posing at the same time took some serious skills, but definitely the highlight of the experience. My aunt was so excited she wanted to go back again, haha.

Here is a glimpse of Japantown in the late afternoon sun. And yes, I really like this part of city a lot.


  1. This post just radiates happiness. Lovely. :)

  2. YAY sparkly photobooths!

    Long walks are good for the creative part of my mind as well. I rarely come back from one without the seed of a poem (or more).

  3. maya, thanks.

    holly, i thought of you when we were at pika pika. fun times.

  4. How cute! Love the photos with you and your aunt.

  5. aww i love that coat. i got it too from anthro.

  6. I couldn't agree more. There is something sacred and wonferful about early morning walks. Everything is so peaceful and quiet in the early morning. It's the perfect time for quiet reflection.

  7. abby, isn't that coat just beautiful? i convinced my aunt that we'll do a coat swap for a week so i can wear it :)

    des, welcome and thanks for dropping by :)