cherry blossom dreams

This picture was taken a year ago, when my friends Mai and Rhanee came to visit. Its my spring break week and oh, how I wish that it was bright and sunny out and I have enough energy to explore and walk everywhere. Instead, its cold and rainy and I'm stuck in bed with a stuffy nose and pounding headache. Aleeeeerrrrgiessss...eeek.

Truth be told, I think I may have over-exerted myself a little and this is my body's way of telling me to slow down. This past week was just a blur of activities and writing reports for work, running errands and checking things off my list, that by Saturday night I was so sick and exhausted I had to bail out from going to Air's concert. Yes, Air. My favorite French band.

How could I miss them? But how could I go to the show when I was sneezing every minute and can barely breathe? :(

So. Back to my mandatory bed rest. In between sleep and Sudafed, I've mostly been reading and browsing the blogosphere. I thought I should share some great links, as posts may be a little sporadic here in the next couple of days:

This Balinese school in the middle of rice fields. Once upon a time, my only dream in life was to work for UNICEF and teach in little villages such as this. *sigh*

Holly's thought-provoking post on madness and creativity.

A very cool Paris wall decal. I really want this.

And this imagination poster from Postal Press.

Moving away from being a starving artist to poetry and prosperity. (via Read Write Poem)

A sweet accidental duet. It reminds me of the movie Once.

This Japanese reading poster is just perfect. (via three buttons)

And lastly, here's one of my favorite songs by Air: Cherry Blossom Girl. Enjoy! xoxo.


  1. Lots of lovely links and food for thought, Odessa. Thanks very much.

    Take care of you. Lots of bed rest and pampering. x

  2. Ach! I hope you recover soon so you can enjoy your break a little more fully. But you are making the best of it, and good for you.

    I like your round-up, too. Nice idea.

    xxoobe well

  3. thanks for the link :)

    allergies are a terrible plague...i hope yours are gone by now.

  4. Nice wall sticker , are they removable?