the distribution of happiness

A letter that opens with these lines:
Today I woke up to the sun
and the birds are singing.

The color blue. The taste of fresh blueberries.
Blue cheese. Blue skies.

A quiet lane lined with blushing roses.
The word flora.

The long-haired boy who played cello
in the subway. The old couple who stopped
and listened.

Someone "fell" on the train tracks. The look
of horror on people's faces. The lone person who
reached down and offered his hand.

The sight of their clasped hands.

(title taken from a poem by Robert Hass)


  1. What a poem. I especially enjoyed the last line.

  2. thanks, Inkgirl! i'm glad you dropped by and said hello :)

  3. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.

  4. glad you liked it, Des!