joie de vivre

So many things to look forward to this weekend: Alice in Wonderland, the Oscars, the closing night for Cinequest, hanging out with my favorite cousin in San Jose, eating leisurely breakfasts, and sleeping in. And speaking of breakfasts + Alice in Wonderland, this photo of Johnny Depp and his family will always make me long for the idyllic French life (or what I imagined it to be). Its all so lovely, isn't it?

Happy weekending! Hope you get to do something that you love.


  1. hot as he is, johnny depp is a little too grungy to play the dad in my fantasy-french-countryside life. tee.

  2. holly, i kinda like the grungy look, it makes him edgy, otherwise he'll be too pretty. haha.

  3. Love, love, love the photograph. And I'm looking forward to Alice.

    Hope you had a fab weekend, Odessa.

  4. mary lynneMarch 07, 2010

    thanx ms.O, i've never seen JD and family... they are beautiful.... ahhh the french they do know how to live.... cheers! O... you're so talented... love and peace ..
    ms. mary

  5. Even though he tends to creep me out a bit, this family moment looks so sweet. Oh to live in France and eat breakfast in the garden. Le sigh...someday...