breathing in

"Get out of the house, away from the dirty dishes," says Natalie Goldberg in her book Writing Down the Bones. She may as well have spoken to me directly, as I've been really swamped with paperwork and a long list of things to do these days. And that spring cleaning that I said I was going to do? Forget it. The dishes are about the cleanest items in my house right now. (Side note: I love doing dishes. Really. Laundry, not so much.)

So after spending most of Saturday catching up on report-writing, I woke up Sunday and decided that enough is enough. I can't spend all of my weekend doing work. So I drove up north to Marin, met with a friend for brunch, and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting under the sun in Tiburon.

The weather was absolutely glorious, I wore shorts and a tank top for the first time this year, and couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic for my islands as I was putting on sunscreen. The scent of Hawaiian Tropic and sitting by the water always does that to me. But the missing that I felt was not the painful kind, it was more of a calm acceptance and perhaps even gratitude, that I am here living the life that I want to lead, and that home will always be home and a part of me will forever long for it and that's okay.

Its amazing how an hour or so of doing absolutely nothing can do to you. I purposely turned off my cellphone so I couldn't tell what time it was or what I should be doing next. I had a book opened on my lap, a journal and a pen, a camera, but decided that I didn't really want to read or write or take pictures, so I just sat there, taking it all in.

It was/is beautiful, all of it. And it made breathing so much easier afterwards.

P.S. I did take the photo above, which was not as easy as it looks and gave me some ab workout in the process.

P.P.S. I hope you had a lovely weekend too.

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  1. so much nice... its simply beautiful