and we're back.

My laptop is finally fixed! Yay! I thought I needed a 12-step program when I couldn't log on to the internet this past couple of days. Does this ever happen to you, this almost obsessive need to be online? Its really scary how addicted I've become. And now I'm back, here's some bits and pieces of what happened while I was away:

Cookies and tea with my friend M, talking about relationship issues (hers) and lack of (mine). I must say, "dunking" cookies in a steaming cup of masala chai is the best.

Going to the Underground Farmer's Market with some friends, eating delicious (and CHEAP!) street food.

Walking with Holly to grab some macarons from Paulette then walking some more to Japantown, and all the interesting things we saw along the way.

In short, my offline weekend was really all about spending time with friends and the food (i.e. desserts) that we ate. See how excited I am to eat this sweet almond macaron? :)

How about you? I'd love to catch up with you.


  1. mmm. masala chai is the best.

  2. julie, i just learned how to make it and now i'm addicted.