because everyone deserves a cupcake break

Dear Red Velvet Mini Cupcake: I think you are now my best one-dollar purchase. Thanks to you this cold and rainy Monday is a little more bearable and I almost forgot that I am without a working laptop in the last two days and that my car needed a jump-start twice in less than a week. And while it may appear that the inanimate objects in my life are on a silent protest right now, I know I can always count on you to cheer me up in your unique cupcake-y way. Yes, indeed.

P.S. Since you seem to have special powers, can you please make sure that my laptop will soon be okay? I am feeling quiet lost without it.


  1. Mmm I could totally use one right now...or at any time for that matter. Enjoy :)

  2. "More malicious and frightening behavior. on the part of inanimate objects." (- Franz Wright)

    i'm glad you had a cupcake comforter :)

  3. dorkys, yes. any time is always a good time for cupcakes :)

    holly, thanks for the FW quote - love it! those inanimate objects sure are scary sometimes :)

    deb, hi! thanks for dropping by :)