bits and pieces

"We must become writers who accept things as they are, come to love the details, and step forward with a yes on our lips so there can be no more noes, noes that invalidate life and stop these details from continuing." -- Natalie Goldberg

I wrote this quote a few years ago after reading Writing Down the Bones and I'm still inspired by it. Step forward with a yes. Yes.

I'm still buried in paperwork. But we're close to the home stretch so I'm gritting my teeth, keeping the end in mind. Caffeine helps. Lots and lots of it.

Oh, and Korean dramas too. At the end of a crazy work day, watching these two bond over dessert and bicker over the silliest things never fail to make me smile. Then he casually says something like, "This strange girl who always talks about food every time she's embarrassed, I love her" and I'm back to squeeing like a 15 year-old again. Fun times.

(Sidenote: I'm pretty sure he was talking about me. For don't I always talk about food whenever I don't know what to do with myself? Ha.)

In other news, my mom is coming! I'm still in shock myself. She found last minute tickets and will be here on June 2. Yes, that's next week! And I'm beside myself with excitement.

Happy, happy Friday my friends!

(Photo from Olive des Olive via Mori Girl)


  1. Oh, what fabulous news! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! (As if you need encouragement.)


  2. thanks, Deb! i sure will :)

  3. I love the Natalie Goldberg quote. Thank you!

    And yay about your Mum's visit. x

  4. hi michelle! glad you liked it.