les petites douceurs

I am so in love with these prints by Eva Juliet. They'll be so perfect for a kitchen wall, don't you think? I just went to a vegetarian food fair this morning and sampled every little treats there. They even gave us a copy of the recipes and my culinary-challenged self is now thinking of trying to make some of their simple dishes.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. And don't forget to treat yourself with some little sweets. xo.


  1. Oh those illustrations are so sweet! I was craving a cupcake earlier, but decided to go with a Jamba Juice smoothie instead. It's okay, I baked yummy blueberry muffins yesterday :)

  2. wow dorkys, you're quiet the domestic goddess these days! i remember you mentioned that you weren't much of a cook before and look at you now :)